The 10 best spy series according to IMDb

10. The Avengers (8.3)
British spies John Steed and Emma Peel tackle Cold War cases in a witty and parodic fashion.

9. Hatufim (Prisoners of War) (8.3)
This Israeli series inspired “Homeland,” revolving around prisoners of war returning home and their complex reintegration into society.

8. Fauda (8.3)
Follows Israeli agent Doron Kavillio as he hunts down a Palestinian activist amidst intense conflict.

7. Spooks (8.3)
M15 officers, known as The Grid, undertake daring missions for English intelligence services.

6. Homeland (8.3)
CIA agent Carrie Mathison suspects a Marine Sergeant, Nicholas Brody, of turning against his country after his return from captivity in Iraq.

5. The Americans (8.4)
Set in the 80s, this drama follows KGB spies posing as Americans near Washington DC amidst escalating Cold War tensions.

4. 24 (8.4)
Jack Bauer races against time to thwart assassination plots while dealing with personal crises.

3. Person of Interest (8.5)
A former CIA agent teams up with a mysterious billionaire to prevent crimes using predictive technology.

2. The Sandbaggers (8.7)
A Cold War spy drama following agents on the front lines of geopolitical tension.

1. The Bureau (Le Bureau des Légendes) (8.7)
French intelligence officer Malotru struggles to shed his undercover identity after returning home from Syria, while dealing with recruitment and investigations.

These TV shows offer thrilling espionage narratives that keep audiences hooked with their intense plots and complex characters.