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Welcome to MyFlixer : Your destination for Unlimited streaming

Are you tired of finding the right streaming sites for your cinema cravings for a perfect saturday night plan or irritated with constant ads and promotional videos spoiling your mood or constant buffering , then MyFlixir is the one solution for all your problems. 

Our designers at MyFlixir have made a clean and neat site which is very smooth to navigate and search for your favorite movie. The functionality is efficient and precise , putting keywords in our search bar , various sections for cinema , TV shows , Live shows, Live matches are laid out by our design teams which makes it so so easy to use. 

We make your life easier by just filtering everything in just one website and gift wrapping it for you with happiness :))

What is MyFlixer

MyFlixer is a series of file streaming websites that host links and embedded videos . It allows viewers to stream or simply download content for free. Unlike Netflix or amazon prime no registration or login is required for streaming content. It has a wide collection of movies, Tv shows , live concerts and live matches .

MyFlixer is a game-changer in the streaming industry, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience to its subscribers. At MyFlixer our primary goal with the design is :-Simplicity; ease of use was our primary goal during the development of our site .This approach has attracted millions of viewers and made use the become one of the fastest growing streaming websites of all time.

We have a global audience base and cater to people all around the world. We support cross device compatibility features as well. MyFlixir supports high quality video play and subtitles in every language for viewers all around the world. Our content is consumed by people of all age groups and the easy to use features of our site make us the best streaming site online currently.

We do not host any content but are just aggregators, which means direct viewers to external sites where the content is hosted. This makes us free from any legal complications and makes us very safe to use. More importantly our site is copyright free which means it is easy and safe for viewers to stream and download . MyFlixir has multiple dedicated servers that handle streaming requests so you can enjoy a buffer-less experience with non-stop entertainment that is just a click away .

Why Choose MyFlixer

We at MyFlixer believe that content and simple interface is the king. The viewer today has no time to waste and after a tiring day at work just wants to chill and our easy to use interface, filters, precise keyword searches and regular updated sections make it easy and convenient for the viewer to consume content.

Furthermore we have a diverse and huge collection of content from all over the globe in almost more than 50 + languages and subtitles. A viewer can never run out of content, providing non-stop entertainment .This makes us the primary choice for viewers of all age groups and ethnicities from different countries and regions.

You can download content, save it in our own personal library and stream it offline whenever , wherever. We offer great audio and video HD quality with no buffering, no pop up messages and furthermore with minimal data consumption. What else can a viewer ask for? We provide the solution to all your needs in just one website.

Single search click, easy UI and simplified language on our website is the result of the hard work of our design and software team who work tirelessly to provide you with the best experience ever.

We support cross platform compatibility which allows viewers to resume the content from where they left in any other device . We support multiple devices, be it iOS , Android . The download process might be a little different for mobile and laptop .

Such ease and quick prompt content consumption is rare and very difficult for teams to cater to the growing needs of different users with different and varied interests.
Remember our simple breakdown:-

Our History

Myflixer started at the beginning of 2019 and has been growing steadily. MyFlixer is a collection of various sites which allow unlimited streaming and downloading content for free in high quality. It gained popularity because of its vast library of countless movies , TV shows , live matches with live scores for free. MyFlixer does not host movies directly but serves from 3rd party hosts which is safe and secure. Later in the year due to some legal action the site was shut down for some time. MyFlixer was resumed later in the year and the first domain was All other domains are copied.

How MyFlixer works

MyFlixer is very easy and convenient to use . It has a very user-friendly interface which allows viewers to access content easily . Our home page provides all the important features of our site and explains to the viewer everything about us in a simplified way.

Just put the keyword in the search bar and enjoy , our easy to use interface helps users to differentiate between content and choose easily be it Live matches, Live friday nights , TV shows or global movies in different languages.

The website is well organized and structured which allows viewers to scroll through different genres like goofy cartoons to anime or cute rom coms and many more.We know there’s a lot of content out there and it’s tough to remember each and every movie’s name.

We get it right ! So we allow you to search for keywords like any actor’s name or a director if you forget the name of the movie that you would like to watch.


MyFlixer offers a wide collection of content libraries. It features a wide range of movies and TV shows which makes MyFlixer the primary choice for all viewers around the globe. Dive into different genres, content from all over the world in different languages with subs-titles in your preferred language . MyFlixer also offers live match streaming with live scores for all sport enthusiasts , and live streaming of shows hosted on MyFlixer in HD quality.

As soon as your favorite movie hits the screens we make space for it in our library to make sure our viewers don’t miss out on any fun which makes MyFlixer the biggest hit ever in the streaming space. MyFlixer is truly the ultimate stop for all your cravings be it a Shah Rukh Khan romantically or Ana croon packed Hollywood thriller we at MyFlixer cater to each and every viewer’s according to their wish.

At MyFlixer you can relive the ultimate classic shots you once saw and couldn’t get your eyes off of or the spine chilling documentary which made you ponder about the safety of women in your country . For us content is not only entertainment but also a mirror to reflect upon our own deeds and to build a responsible community.

We at MyFlixer believe in catering to each and every viewer’s needs be it spy thrillers, light hearted rom coms ,funny Friday nights or the grand epic historical drama. You can stay up to date with all the latest episodes of your favorite show or the nail biting finals match which won’t even let you blink your eyes for a second. Be it a family reunion, a date night or a sad breakup night we’ve got you covered with all the content for each mood and occasion. Our basic genres include:-
1. Romantic
2. Action
3. History
4. Comedy
5. Bollywood
6. Tollywood
7. Horror
8. Hollywood
9. Sci-Fi

We top the game with our exclusive library which is free to access for any viewer anytime , anywhere.
Free Access & No registration .We at MyFlixer do not force any viewer to create any login account or login with any other mail ID or mobile number. The viewer has free access to all our content . This makes it very easy for the viewer to stream content .
No worries of data breach , password leaks or yearly paid plans . Easy and safe access makes us the most searched domain out there for binging content. What else can a viewer want 100% FREE uninterrupted content and that too in high quality .


Internet Connectivity

To enjoy non stop streaming experience on MyFlixer, the viewer needs to have a stable internet connection. Here are some recommendations regarding which network to use for the site and why Wi-Fi might be your best option:-

  • Wi-Fi Connection: If you want uninterrupted streaming and high-quality video, consider connecting your device to a stable Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi networks are usually faster than mobile data connections, meaning less buffering and higher quality streams. If you’re at home or in an area with a strong Wi-Fi signal, connect there to get the most out of our service. We recommend watching all our streaming content with Wi-Fi connection but in case the viewer is unable to connect to Wi-Fi there are still other options to watch content on our site.

  • Mobile Data: It’s possible to stream on MyFlixer using mobile data, but it may not always perform as well as Wi-Fi. Streaming movies and TV series eats up a lot of data, and if your plan has a limit you’ll hit it quickly. Mobile data speed and stability can also vary depending on where you are and who your provider is.Another big disadvantage is the higher the quality the more the data gets consumed.

  • Ethernet Connection: Unlike wireless connections like Wi-Fi or mobile data, computers with wired interfaces can be connected directly to the router through an Ethernet cable. This provides a faster and more reliable internet connection than wireless options, which is great for streaming high-quality content on MyFlixer.

  • Internet Speed: Your streaming experience will be significantly impacted by how fast your internet is, regardless of your network type. For smooth streaming in standard definition (SD), 5 Mbps is generally recommended. For high-definition (HD) content, 25 Mbps is what you’ll want.

The quality of any streaming platform — including MyFlixer — relies heavily on the connection you’re running it through. Make sure yours is stable and fast for the best possible experience.

High Quality

The biggest flex for MyFlixer is the HD quality content . We don’t believe in compromising the viewers’ needs and aim to give them a high class experience . We support quality up to 8k HD and the viewer can also adjust the quality as per their needs or data management. 

We believe the best cinema experiences are the ones in which a viewer can feel and sense each and every scene in the most realistic way possible and that is only possible if the content is of good quality .We provide the following video quality :-

  1. 144P
  2. 360p
  3. 720p
  4. 1080 HD
  5. 1440p
  6. 2160p (4K)
  7. 7680p (8k)

Watch movies around the globe with subtitles

A lot of sites might provide you with movies and shows in just your own maternal language or mostly in English nowadays but at MyFlixer we want to cater to each and everyone and make sure our viewers get to consume content from all across the globe . A Japanese action thriller or be it a soft romantic from France everything is watchable with the subs-titles provided by us. We provide subtitles in 50+ foreign languages.

A lot of times students want to learn new languages and the best way to learn is through entertainment. They can just switch to their preferred subtitles for their favorite show and then learn and have fun at the same time. The viewer can turn subtitles on and off with the CC button on the top right of the video . CC means closed captions. The viewers can select the font of their subtitles and the position as well if they want the subtitles to be on top or at the bottom it’s up to them to decide .

It is very easy to comprehend for the viewer as well .Some of the most used subtitles on our videos are in the following language:-
1. English
2. Hindi
3. Urdu
4. French
5. Spanish
6. Russian
7. Arab
8. German
9. Kannada
10. Tamil

Worldwide Streaming

We at MyFlixer believe cinema is an experience to be world class and easily accessible to each and every user from anywhere anytime from any part of the globe. The viewer can login from any country and delve into the beautiful world of cinema. No login data needed and no payment or free trial plans. Global accessibility ensures the viewer can consume content from any part of the world. This widespread availability is possible through our team’s unwavering commitment to provide content in the best possible way to viewers around the globe. Today a viewer has gone global truly so to keep up with our viewers needs we have to make sure that we are able to provide this feature on our website. 

No Buffering

The only way to truly enjoy any cinematic experience is top notch quality and most importantly no interruptions during the streaming . The viewer needs to feel and engage and to be a part of any story telling no buffering or interruptions are unacceptable. A lot of time viewers would prefer to not watch a movie because of the constant buffering issues . This makes MyFlixer the top choice . This also means that the user will visit our site more frequently as it is a hassle free experience with no interruptions and disappointments.

Safe and Secure

A lot of times viewers are not sure if a site is malicious or intends to breach their login data, so that makes it impossible for them to watch content online. At MyFlixer we guarantee you a safe and secure environment for streaming content. NO cache , NO cookies , NO login data , NO subscription , NO trial plans , NO pop up ads , NO account creation . All these features allow a viewer to trust us . We also allow users to download the content and watch it offline . Your safety is our duty and any viewer’s satisfaction is our top priority. We believe in giving the viewer a world class streaming experience which is safe and secure .

Device Support

The viewers can stream MyFlixer on any device because of our user friendly and easy to understand interface. The viewers can watch content on Android , iOS , Tablet  , Mac . This multi device support makes it easy for viewers with different devices to stream easily without having to fear buying a particular device to stream their happiness. The viewers can login from any device and just enjoy our content. This is our biggest flex that we at MyFlixer support all device types, OS and without having to worry about updating software or pushing upgrades, so come watch and enjoy content from all around the globe on your preferred device.

Audio Quality

There are a lot of websites which offer amazing high quality content but sometimes fail to deliver good audio quality even basic base and sound are missing and distorted. MyFlixer offers true good video as well as audio which surpassed all your expectations of having amazing audio video content all under one roof. There is no point in watching content in just good HD quality with weird and random background noise. The viewer needs to be fully engrossed and wants to indulge in the cinematic grandeur but problematic audio leads to a very bad experience. We at MyFlixer make sure a viewer is fully satisfied and content.

Download Content

We at MyFlixer make it very easy for viewers to download movies .The MyFlixer app is available for all types of devices, including Android smartphones, iOS devices, Windows, Linux, Smart TVs, PlayStations, and more. Go ahead and download the app on any of these platforms.Here are the step by step instructions to download movies from MyFlixer on various devices:-

 Mobile and tablet (Android and iOS):-

  1. Launch MyFlixer on your mobile/tablet.
  2. Browse the MyFlixer library to find the movie/Tv show that you want to download.
  3. Once you’ve selected the title click on download icon(down pointing arrow in green color) next to the movie/TV show description
  4. The download will begin and you can monitor the download progress in the “My Downloads” section of the file
  5. Once the download is complete go to “My Downloads”to find and watch the downloaded content offline even without any internet connection from any part of the world.

Laptop(Windows and MacOS)

  1. To download movies on your laptop, you need to use the MyFlixer for Windows 10 or the MyFlixer website on macOS.
  2. Launch the MyFlixer or visit the MyFlixer website on your laptop.
  3. Search for the movie / show you wish to download.
  4. Click on the download icon (usually a downward-pointing arrow) next to the title’s description.
  5. The download will commence, and you can access the downloaded content in the “My Downloads” section of the or website.
  6. You can now enjoy watching your downloaded content offline on your laptop.

No Pop-Ups Messages

No pop-up messages will interrupt your movie and TV show viewing experience. Sometimes it can be frustrating when you’re engrossed in a film, and pop-up messages suddenly disrupt the flow, dampening your enjoyment. However, MyFlixer offers a solution by providing ad-free movies with top-notch audio and video quality. Even on Tv Many websites detract from the enjoyment of their users by inundating them with intrusive pop-up messages. MyFlixer stands out by delivering high-quality videos and a vast array of content, making it the top choice for discerning viewers.

Consumes Less Data

Today almost every other website asks for cookies as soon as we land on the website homepage. These websites use excessive internet data . However, MyFlixer consumes significantly less data, conserving your data while you enjoy content . Even when a user downloads movies the amount of data needed is way less even for quality as high as 8k which further makes the download fast. Less data consumption during movie playback, download , scrolling and No cache /cookies makes Movies the primary choice for movie streaming and downloading.

When streaming movies and TV shows on MyFlixer, the data saver feature activates automatically, ensuring efficient data conservation. Our team makes sure the viewer enjoys content without any worry of data conservation this makes streaming easily possible and convenient.

Benefits of MyFlixer

  • It boasts an extensive movie library, catering to a wide array of film genres, making it a go-to destination for movie enthusiasts.
  • The movie list is constantly updated, ensuring you have access to the latest content. 
  • Its user-friendly interface simplifies navigation, featuring a search function that allows you to swiftly locate movies by release year and genre.
  • Moreover, it provides a wealth of free movies, cementing its status as a leading platform for free video content.
  • Remarkably, it even streams unreleased movies, delighting film fans by offering early access to the latest content, well before it hits the market.
  • Cross platform compatibility has increased the number of viewers drastically over the recent years.

MyFlixer Alternatives

Due to some legal actions, sometimes the MyFlixer site is temporarily taken down . We don’t use any illegal 3rd party links .The only 3rd party link that we use is Youtube which is legal and offers a wide range of content . During that time our teams do the fixes on our website, new library updates and content management is done.

There are few alternatives which the users can use for content streaming:-
Putlocker: It is a popular platform offering a vast library of movies and TV shows. Putlocker has been in the market for a long time and remains a favorite among streamers.
YesMovies: YesMovies offers a diverse range of movies and TV shows in different genres and languages.
GoMovies: GoMovies provides an amazing content library for viewers for streaming movies and TV shows.It is very popular in India as well.
Popcornflix: Popcornflix is a legal streaming service offering a selection of free movies and TV shows. It is ad-supported and available in the USA and Canada.
Vumoo: Vumoo is another website that allows users to watch movies and TV shows without registration. It offers a clean and user-friendly interface.
CmoviesHD: CmoviesHD as the name suggests is a high qualityHD streaming site providing a varied collection of content including live matches.
AZMovies: AZMovies is known for its vast collection of high-quality content and ad free streaming which makes it very popular.
LookMovie: LookMovie provides an amazing collection of content with minimal ads and an easy-to-navigate interface.

Why MyFlixer: Final Thoughts

Are you tired of irritating advertisements ? Tired of data security? Tired of finding the perfect sunday binge ? Well Well MyFlixire is the solution to all your worries. MyFlixer is your final stop for all your fun , entertainment , and unlimited streaming. 

We offer you the best experience ever that too free of cost. No need to pay , No need to make a login account , No need to register with us and No need to subscribe. Just scroll your fav movie and binge watch with your favorite popcorn and people.We provide worldwide content in subtitles , good audio and video quality which is not possible nowadays for FREE.

The user-friendly interface seamlessly collates data on content availability and delivers top-notch video and audio quality. MyFlixer hosts a variety of live sports streams, allowing you to enjoy matches from your chosen location 24/7.

Many users appreciate the convenience of watching live cricket matches on MyFlixer. If the timing doesn’t align with your schedule, MyFlixer archives cricket matches so you can relive the joyous moments at your leisure. Whether you crave the immediacy of live action or the nostalgia of recorded matches, the world of cricket is at your fingertips on MyFlixer.

Movie watching is not just for fun but also for days when you are lonely,tired and sad. Movies are our best friends and we at MyFlixer know that . We make sure to be there for you in your happy as well as tough times. Happiness is just a click away !! 

We dont steal your data, no passwords are breached and no illegal ways of alluring viewers . This builds trust with the viewer and our team makes sure the viewers are content and happy. We believe in gaining your trust with our quality content , wide collection of movies and TV shows and good quality .We are safe and secure , we dont force you to pay any subscription charges, we block random ads for an amazing streaming experience. These qualities make us unique and the best in the market of streaming sites.  

So come join us in our endeavor to have fun . Enjoy the wide range of movie collections ,learn, celebrate, spread joy ;with your families,friends and partner. Explore the world through our lens . The movies , the grandeur , the art of cinema binds us all . Let us be thankful and grateful to have been able to access such amazing experiences though our eyes. Let us see animals of Africa, how they roar, the old lost battles of the past, the romantic musicals . Come let’s dance and sing and dive into the beautiful world of cinema through MyFlixer.